Bharat Unnayan Trust We provide a platform to the people for their internal and external growth. We give opportunities to all those children and women who are neglected by their financial conditions. We provide financial help by giving them scholarships and organising many types of competitions to encourage them. We communicate with schools and colleges for free educative counselling. We also organized career counselling by well educated, experienced and professional people.

Bharat Unnayan Trust Prize Ceremony a prize distribution function for the meritorious students in the school in Block Madhoganj, district Hardoi. Anuj Kumar Singh, the trustee of Bharat Unnayan Trust, advised the children to come to regular school and study, by saying that education is useful to get rid of poverty. He said that no matter how difficult the problem may be, but children should not be away from education, they also took an oath from the children for this. He also advises planting trees to them for saving the environment. During this, the block social workerJatin Patel gave a speech. The children rejoiced after the results were declared.

Bharat Unnayan Trust Class Room Bharat Unnayan Trust supported many schools of the local area which are not complete or furnished but they provide good education to poor children. We provide a good classroom and educative environment to the children