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Bharat Unnayan Trust We are social workers associated with Gausganj village of Hardoi district, who have been doing social service for many years, we work for the development and progress of various backward areas of society. The basis of our social service is Health and Environment and Advancement of education. We do this saintly work of social service to people on our own without any government help.We want to expand our work based on social resources. As you all will know that to get government help, a person has to first become corrupt himself. Therefore, we do not want our holy work like social service to have any stain of being corrupt. We pledge to do social service by staying free from corruption so that we can become an example for others and society. We will need your support for this work of the society. Our organization has a permanent office, all types of social services are run from here

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Bharat Unnayan Trust is the trust of the society that works for every aspect of the region. It is a non-profitable trust formed by the local people of the area. It was formally registered as a trust in 2017, under the Indian trust act,1882. Over the years, Bharat Unnyan has been able to create a platform from where the various issues related to the well-being of society can be raised effectively and a solution is sought from our trust Bharat Unnyan, the government as well as from the various development agency working in the area. We also have a samiti known as “Jan Kalyan Samiti”. It works for the conservation and reinvents the heritage site of the local area. We provide help and support to the villages of Hardoi and nearby areas.

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Bharat Unnayan Trust is an organization that is dedicated to only the people and the welfare of society. We are the face of India where people find the best opportunities for their growth. We connect people to people and society to society. There is no boundation of religion, caste and ethnicity in our trust. We serve all and give our best to the nation.


Bharat Unnayan Trust Nothing is greater than giving back to society. Your appearance and little help will motivate us and other people too. You can join us for this holy work. Being a volunteer you will be proud and became an inspiration for others.


Bharat Unnayan Trust Different types of contributions and in-kind support you can make. Donate for the least you make for others. Your small support will change the life of someone.

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